Friday, October 11, 2013


Today was a glorious full moon in aberoth
I then thought it would be a stupid, yet awesome idea to go to the werewolf. A army of around 10 people were after the werewolf. After a few minutes, we ran into it!
He nearly killed all of us so we all went to the maze. People then started to head out and attack again but most of us died. I died 3-4 times during this event. Then Arcand comes to save the day!
Then all of us started attacking the werewolf
There were lots of close calls and it kinda scared me abit
Before we know it. all of us died atleast once. Luckily Arcand comes back invisible 
It gotten to the point where we played stupid and kept trying to open wodons door
I then started lagging
Then all of a sudden. The unbelievable happens. Arcand dies!!!
I then started knocking on wodons door again
Then after a few twists & turns. Arcand kills the all mighty werewolf
The werewolf is now dead until the next full moon. Many items were lost. And many players were killed
But it was still a pretty fun night
While we were fighting the werewolf. We ran into the white wolf. We killed it & swordsman managed to get the pelt it dropped. We flipped for it. AND I WON!!!!!

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